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June 4 - 6, 2019

Directions for Improving Offense-Oriented Cyber Services

2019 National Cyber Summit

Von Braun Center

Huntsville, AL

In his presentation at the 2019 National Cyber Summit, Dr. McGrew will discuss two sides of his experiences in cyber operations: 

- Teaching courses on software reverse engineering and advanced cyber operations
- Leading teams of offense-oriented professionals on penetration testing and red-teaming engagements

Dr. McGrew will describe the challenges associated with conducting large-scale engagements for client organizations in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and government--specifically in terms of the training/educational requirements of individual operators, including:

- Operational security
- Vulnerability analysis
- Software development experience
- Reverse engineering
- Management of large-scale engagements
- Analytic Skills - Moving from data collection to providing intelligence
- "Soft skills" - Writing, Presenting, Client Interaction

For each operational challenge, examples from real-world engagements will be described that illustrate the need for specific skills, knowledge, and process to be taught in cyber operations education. By bridging these gaps, the shortage of qualified cyber operations professionals can be addressed, and more actionable intelligence can be provided to client organizations as a result of offense-oriented services.

HORNE Cyber will be exhibiting at Booth 325 at the 2019 National Cyber Summit. 

For more information on Directions for Improving Offense-Oriented Cyber Services, contact Director of Cyber Operations Dr. Wesley McGrew at

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