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Resilience Is Everything

When we launched HORNE Cyber, we chose the image of a phoenix as our symbol. Known for its eternal resilience, the phoenix continually survives attack only to rebound, recover and rise again. This, to us, is the essence of cyber resiliency. For centuries, the phoenix has represented tenacity, an undefeatable will and ultimate victory over its adversaries. It’s the same spirit that drives HORNE Cyber.

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The HORNE Cyber Difference


Corporate IT and Security Experience

Our leadership has decades of experience in managing corporate IT and information security programs. The knowledge we’ve gained along the way has given us valuable insights into the vulnerabilities commonly found in network architectures, wireless infrastructures, policies and procedures and IT solutions.

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Advisory Mindset

Our Cyber Advisory team specializes in the human aspects of IT security. Our goal isn’t just to create better systems, but to foster a “culture of security” that increases staff awareness of cyber threats — and ensures that your people are a valuable security asset rather than a potential security risk.

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Hacker Mentality

We’ve spent years studying the tactics of advanced cyber threats. Our team embraces a “hacker mentality” that enables them to identify and anticipate threats, and develop a relevant assessment of vulnerabilities. By combining human-driven methods with automated tools, HORNE Cyber takes penetration testing to a deeper level.

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HORNE Cyber is led by a well-rounded team of computer science specialists and auditors who have a granular understanding of app and web development, as well as controls, procedures and compliance. This diversity provides valuable insights into the security risks you face — and into the policies and processes that will mitigate them.

Cyber Team

Our multidisciplinary background in auditing, compliance, reporting and cybersecurity gives the HORNE Cyber team a powerful advantage in helping you identify, prevent and mitigate risk.


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