Our Culture

Culture guides everything we do.

Based on our strong Wise Firm© foundation, we strive to live out our core values of God, family, service and gratitude. These values inspire all we do, and they guided us to our common purpose — We Deliver with Care.

We do this when we serve with empathy, urgency and clarity. When we steward our responsibilities, relationships and resources as a sacred trust. And when we seek to surpass needs and expectations with relentless enthusiasm.

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A blueprint for success

This blueprint outlines the behaviors required to create the great culture we have envisioned. It encompasses how we work together, the priorities we share and how we treat those around us.

It’s an ongoing journey in which we continually strive to serve something larger than ourselves. It’s who we are. It’s a culture we all work together to build every day at HORNE.

Belonging at HORNE

Belonging doesn’t mean fitting in. It means having the freedom to stand out and share the experiences that make you valuable and unique. Belonging isn’t about being like everyone else. It’s about having the confidence to show up and be yourself — bringing all your strengths (and weaknesses), talents and ideas to our team and our clients.

We aim to create an environment that champions a culture of belonging. We do this by valuing differences and providing all team members equitable opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Anticipate the freedom to be you.

What belonging means to me

At HORNE, we encourage you to own your voice and share your ideas, and we celebrate those who help us be even better. But there’s a catch: We expect every team member to help others find that same sense of belonging that makes our firm special. We hope you experience that positive energy and sense of belonging as you get to know us better.

Don’t be shy. Belonging takes courage. But once you make the leap, you just might discover that you’ve found the place you’ve been looking for — the place where you belong.