Top 4 Cybersecurity Skills You Need On Your IT Team

Globally, we are experiencing the highest shortage in cybersecurity professionals ever. This is an issue that has effects well outside of the IT shop with many organizations citing lack of technology professionals as an impediment to business growth[1]. While universities, associations, and other educational entities are working diligently to turnout technology professionals to fill these needs, we know that having the right skills in your IT shop is key to executing on cybersecurity strategy and safeguarding your organization. We’ve rounded up four of the most important cybersecurity skills to have on your IT team:

1.  Incident Response

As we say in the cybersecurity industry, it’s a matter of when not if you will experience a cyber incident. Being able to quickly respond to a cyber incident is a key aspect of limiting the damage and overall impact on your business. Incident response skills include developing a strong incident response plan that limits business interruption and outlines communication pathways and investigating suspected incidents.

2.  Knowledge of Cybersecurity & Regulatory Frameworks

Having a thorough understanding of cybersecurity and regulatory frameworks that apply to your business and industry is essential for the seamless implementation and actualization of key controls. The most common cybersecurity frameworks we see used are NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and ISO 27000s, while HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR are regulatory frameworks that come into play within certain industries or geographies. This understanding of applicable frameworks strengthens the relationship and understanding between internal or external auditors and GRC professionals.

3.  Adaptability to Evolving Cybersecurity Trends

Cyber threats are not the only aspect that constantly evolves in cybersecurity – Our defensive tactics and measures continue to evolve to counteract growing threats. One current example of this is the move towards the Zero Trust framework that shifts defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. Additionally, as the cyber security protection market expands the technical team must continuously evaluate the effectiveness of defense systems to ensure the most effective protection is in place and properly tuned. Continuous learning and adaptability in your team ensures that your cybersecurity posture adjusts to best protect your organization.

4.  The Not-So-Soft Skill: Communication

While technical skills are generally the focus when building an IT team, communication is one soft skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. The ability to communicate technical topics to non-technical management is key to obtaining buy-in for additional resources and financial investments from organizational leadership. This requires being able to convey business risk and investment value to senior leadership and board of directors, who may have varying degrees of technical knowledge.



[1] 2021 Harvey Nash Group Digital Leadership Report



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