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Build Trust and Confidence with Your Customers, Partners, and Board of Directors 

The AICPA recently released guidelines for the SOC for Cybersecurity. This examination provides organizations with a framework for communicating about the effectiveness of their cybersecurity risk management program to build trust and confidence. A SOC for Cybersecurity will not only provide you with useful information for decision-making about your cybersecurity risk management program, but also help you communicate the level of security you are providing to your client’s for their peace of mind.

Through our SOC for Cybersecurity service, we will perform an examination of management’s description of the cybersecurity program for your operations. This process involves performing a readiness assessment of your cybersecurity program along with performing a cybersecurity risk assessment using the established NIST framework. This process will help you to answer three main questions: (1) What are our risks? (2) How are we addressing cybersecurity? (3) How are we communicating security to our clients?

What are our risks?

We will help you identify specific cyber risks through a customized risk assessment for cybersecurity using the NIST framework.

- Review policies and procedures

- Interview process owners and stakeholders

- Review IT systems and risk factors


How are we addressing cybersecurity?

Our review of your cybersecurity program will include: 

- Cybersecurity Risk Management Program Objectives

- Cybersecurity Risk Governance Structure

- Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Process

- Cybersecurity Control Processes


How are we communicating security to our clients?

You are able to leverage the SOC for Cybersecurity to communicate your control over your cybersecurity and IT environment. 


The SOC for Cybersecurity will: 

Provide a third party, independent and objective look at your cyber program 

Promote transparency, accountability, and focus 

Enhance board and executive understanding of cyber risks 

Uncover IT risk areas



Be a leader in cybersecurity by providing transparency and building trust with a SOC for Cybersecurity.