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Situational Awareness of Your Network Environment 24x7

Our Managed Threat Hunting service supplements your existing security efforts by partnering with your IT staff to provide situational awareness through security monitoring and threat intelligence. 

By having a team focused on your security and threat intelligence 24x7, your IT staff can focus their efforts on the end user and provide superior service throughout your organization. 

HORNE Cyber’s technical services include: 

  • Log analysis for critical systems
  • Traffic analysis (time of day, unusual protocols, blacklisted IPs, etc.)
  • User behavior analysis
  • IT asset inventory and new host identification
  • Service account activity analysis
  • Active threat intelligence

Security Monitoring and Threat Intelligence

HORNE Cyber’s Managed Threat Hunting service is staffed by an around-the-clock team that will act on security alerts at your organization and will communicate with your IT staff to quickly mitigate the possible active threat on your network.

In addition to alerting your IT staff of specific security events, the Managed Threat Hunting team will also notify your IT staff of any anomalies that occur over time, such as repeated failed login attempts for a specific user or unexpected network traffic. 

Regulatory Peace of Mind

HORNE Cyber’s Managed Threat Hunting service will provide the information necessary to assist your team in meeting the security regulations specific to your organization.  This includes centralized storage of your Business Recovery Plan as well as any other documents such as any Service Organization Controls reports or supporting documents.

The overall goal of the Managed Threat Hunting service at HORNE Cyber is to enable your IT staff and organization to focus on the operational needs of your business while gaining the peace of mind that you have a team actively monitoring your systems' security posture.

While the traditional view of cybersecurity was to simply focus on keeping hackers out, today’s organizations must plan for the worst.