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Information Security Begins with Preparation and Compliance

Today’s business climate is always evolving with technology innovation, new competitors, globalization, cyber threats and increased regulatory scrutiny. IT organizations must keep pace with these changing security and regulatory needs.

Every new technology introduces new risks. New applications, cloud solutions, mobile devices, third party integrations, even new employees, all raise the risk of security vulnerability and increase the complexity of maintaining compliance.

HORNE Cyber understands the risks you face. We bring insight and solutions to mitigate these risks and turn them to opportunities for your organization to grow and innovate. We apply a disciplined, process-driven approach to create comprehensive audits, assessments and reports which determine if your IT environment is secure, compliant and operating optimally.

Successfully responding to on-going market disruption requires much more than compliance. Yet the ongoing talent deficit in IT audit professionals has made it much more difficult to obtain the necessary portfolio of IT specialists necessary to support governance, build sustainable internal controls, mitigate risk and bring solutions. 

HORNE Cyber provides these resources for clients, assisting with risk assessments, internal audits, and control remediation that go deep into the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control structures, teams and processes.

Our holistic, tailored approach prepares clients to address rigorous security regulations inherent in IT environments. We are a dedicated partner who will help you remain compliant, able to withstand stakeholder scrutiny and positioned to thrive into the future.

IT organizations must keep pace with these changing security and regulatory needs.