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M&A Can Turn Strategic Growth Objectives into Realities – With the Right Deal and the Right Advisers

M&A can be a realistic approach for growth-oriented companies and investors seeking to accomplish strategic goals. However, as the now “infamous” Yahoo and Verizon merger has taught us, it’s extremely important to understand exactly what you are acquiring when it comes to existing IT infrastructure. There could be hidden cyber risks that need to be identified prior to the merger or acquisition. We guide your team in planning for and acting strategically across the M&A lifecycle, helping to secure the long-term success of your organization.

Securing the Long Term Success of Your Investment

Our team partners with clients to ensure proper due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition. This can be done through reviewing their policy and procedures, recent risk assessments and penetration test reports along with actually conducting risk assessments and penetration testing. The Cyber team works alongside the HORNE M&A practice to help clients navigate the M&A lifecycle by offering a comprehensive suite of valuation, due diligence and operational services. We are ready to help you achieve your growth potential through mergers and acquisitions. Our services are scalable, so we can provide as much support as you need to meet your objective

Our M&A IT services include: 

- IT Due Diligence 

- Reviews of IT Risk Assessments and Penetration Tests

- Evaluations of IT Policies and Procedures