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Data breaches that compromise client confidentiality and intellectual property are top cybersecurity concerns. Organizations spend somewhere between 45 and 50 billion dollars every year on cybersecurity, but a very small percentage is focused on applications despite that fact that more than 80% of cyber attacks happen at the application level.

Our advanced vulnerability identification and analysis methodology allows us to uncover new zero-day vulnerabilities in internal or custom developed applications.


Application Penetration Testing Process

Our enhanced red team approach to advanced application penetration testing emulates the activities that advanced persistent threat actors (such as nation-state threats or organized crime) would carry out against your organization. This advanced level of testing takes advantage of the training, experience, and adaptability of our penetration testing specialists in finding, exploiting, and leveraging vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on the organization.

Source Code Review

Informed by access to the source code, our cyber operations specialists will attempt to identify vulnerabilities in software and hardware that would allow them to move through the application and compromise other systems.  The goal of this analysis is to test the resilience of your application given exploitation of a known vulnerability. 

Our enhanced red team approach to application penetration testing uncovers vulnerabilities in custom applications.