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Uncover Vulnerabilities Specific to Your Organization with Advanced Penetration Testing


Compliance does not ensure protection from all threats – it is just a minimum requirements baseline. Mandatory regulations were designed to protect customer data. As technology advances and your organization continues to grow, a compliance mindset puts your organization at risk. To protect your customer data, sensitive corporate data, operations and reputation, more is required. 

Today’s cyber risks threaten more than customer data. Hackers now attack security cameras, door locks, copiers, scanners, HVAC systems and physical assets to leverage them for access to valuable corporate information. Similar to an iceberg, most vulnerabilities are hidden from automated and compliance-driven vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.  

Enhanced Red Teaming finds risks “below the surface” by manually emulating the aggressive actions of a hacker. This offense-oriented approach is the best way to discover organization-specific vulnerabilities. By uncovering these hidden cyber risks, your organization can strengthen the security of customer data, operations, physical assets, and most importantly – your reputation.  



Our enhanced red team approach to advanced penetration testing emulates the activities that advanced persistent threat actors (such as nation-state threats or organized crime) would carry out against your organization. Beyond a scan for vulnerabilities, this advanced level of testing takes advantage of the training, experience, and adaptability of our penetration testing specialists in finding, exploiting, and leveraging vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on the organization.

It is important to understand the difference in the complexity and depth of testing levels that exist today in the industry, and why HORNE Cyber uses an enhanced red team approach to penetration testing.

Advanced Red Team Testing

Actionable, Prioritized Reports

After performing an advanced penetration test, actionable reports are provided that focus on the vulnerabilities that are most critical to your organization. These actionable reports are valuable at all levels of an organization, with C-level executive overviews, all the way down to details of vulnerabilities identified, implications and recommendations.

Recommendations are prioritized to determine an action plan to better protect your organization while managing costs and minimizing risk.


Advanced penetration testing emulates real-world situations to uncover issues before a real attack hits the organization.