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Accelerate Your Journey to Cyber Resilience

HORNE Cyber understands how to build cyber resilience. Our team helps clients every step of the way – from establishing a sound IT environment with proven policies and procedures, to providing advice on managing third party vendors and helping your organization recover from a negative event while keeping the company operating smoothly. Our services keep your organization prepared and protected while addressing your evolving security needs.

Policy and Procedure Development and Review

To help you better manage risk while leveraging the inherent strengths of your system, HORNE Cyber provides guidance to improve your organization’s IT policies and procedures. Our proven approach helps clients adhere to regulations and improve your organization’s overall IT governance.

Vendor Management Advisory

Most data breaches occur when malicious attackers exploit third party vulnerabilities. HORNE Cyber ensures your vendors meet high security standards beginning with an in-depth assessment of your existing vendor management policies and procedures. Our team then provides guidance to improve information security and compliance across your entire vendor community.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Development

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Will your business be able to sustain operations in the face of a security breach or negative event? HORNE Cyber helps you develop responsive disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected and that your organization can manage recovery without interrupting business operations.


HORNE Cyber provides in-depth compliance advice on regulations relating to SOX, COSO and COBIT. HORNE Cyber uses the regulations or your minimum requirements as baseline protection and offers increased security measures to not just comply but to maintain optimal protection levels.

Enterprise IT Risk Assessment

We can evaluate the IT risks and vulnerabilities present in your organization’s activities, as well as help determine the optimal approach to mitigate risks and drive value from your IT environment’s strengths.