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Bend — Don’t Break — When a Cyber Breach Occurs

It’s no longer if, but when, an organization will be breached. While the traditional view of cybersecurity was to simply focus on keeping hackers out, today’s organizations must plan for the worst and have a proactive approach to protect their IT environment and minimize data loss and damage in the face of a crisis.

Equally important is that organizations must methodically investigate and gain clarity of every incident using advanced digital forensics to minimize the risk of a future negative event.

Incident Response Services

HORNE Cyber provides support during a cyber crisis with a rapid, methodical response to contain, mitigate, eliminate and remediate the threat.

Malicious attackers can reside on an organization’s network for months before detection. When a cyber breach hits your organization, HORNE Cyber’s team of cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals step in and guide your organization through every step of the cyber breach lifecycle.

HORNE Cyber’s team identifies what went wrong and what was negatively impacted. The root causes and vulnerabilities that led to the compromise are then identified to help you take the right measures to ensure it does not happen again.

Digital Forensics

We know that cyber criminals and malicious insiders leave behind digital evidence of their actions against your organization that can be recovered and investigated. HORNE Cyber has assisted and trained local, state and federal law enforcement on investigating computer crime, and apply this experience to research and recover digital evidence. In legal proceedings, our team will provide witness testimony on digital forensics matters.

HORNE Cyber mitigates the risk of losing critical digital information while increasing your system’s IT security. In the case of a security breach or negative event, HORNE Cyber’s digital forensics professionals assist in data recovery and investigation of material on digital devices while also working to restore and repair data and files that were compromised in the breach. 

Incident Response Planning

The reality today is that there are no safe places left to hide from cyber attackers. HORNE Cyber assists in making sure you have the proper incident response plan and professionals in place to mitigate your risk.

Being prepared and having a plan to handle digital ransom scenarios is becoming more and more important in this ever evolving digital age.