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Uncover Vulnerabilities Specific to Your Organization with Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced penetration testing emulates the activities of advanced persistent threat actors (such as nation-state threats or organized crime) who would carry out a cyber attack against your organization. Beyond a scan for vulnerabilities, this advanced level of testing takes advantage of the training, experience, and adaptability of HORNE Cyber’s penetration testing specialists in finding, exploiting, and leveraging vulnerabilities to gain access and determine the impact of that access on the organization.

Advanced Persistent Threat Methods

HORNE Cyber operates in the same way real attackers would with an ‘outside-the-box’ offense-oriented, persistent approach to attack your IT infrastructure from both inside and outside the perimeter of the network environment.

HORNE Cyber’s reverse engineering skills and vulnerability analysis experience allow us to take a comprehensive approach to penetration testing.

Social Engineering

Human error and oversight can expose your organization to security breaches from malicious attackers, phishing and scams. Disgruntled employees can also do harm to your organization from within.

HORNE Cyber performs social engineering engagements to assess your existing external and insider threat potential, and provides guidance for how you can minimize the risk of human behavior.

Actionable, Prioritized Reports

After performing an advanced penetration test, actionable reports are provided that focus on the vulnerabilities that are most critical to your organization. These actionable reports are valuable at all levels of an organization, with C-level executive overviews, all the way down to details of vulnerabilities identified, implications and recommendations.

Recommendations are prioritized to determine an action plan to better protect your organization while managing costs and minimizing risk.

Advanced penetration testing emulates real-world situations to uncover issues before a real attack hits the organization.