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Building Your Cyber Resilience 

Cyber resilience is defined as an organization's ability to recover and return to normal operations after a cyber attack. In today’s world, a cyber breach is inevitable. Your level of cyber resilience determines if you will bend or break after an attack.

For HORNE Cyber, the phoenix is a symbol of cyber resilience. Known to never die and continuously be regenerated or reborn, the phoenix flies ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape, gathering situational awareness, and leading the way. For centuries the Phoenix has represented renewal and the capacity for vision and leadership.

While the traditional view of cybersecurity was to simply focus on keeping hackers out, today’s organizations must plan for the worst and have a proactive approach to protect their IT environment and minimize loss in the face of a crisis.

Our anticipatory cyber resilience services help minimize the impact of these vulnerabilities on your organization in the future. By taking an offensive approach to cybersecurity, we are able to collaborate with your IT team to strengthen your cyber resilience and protect your organization from the negative impacts of a cyber incident. An overview of our cyber resilience building services are listed below.

Advanced Penetration Testing 

HORNE Cyber’s advanced penetration testing strengthens our client's cyber resilience by uncovering vulnerabilities specific to their organization.

Digital Forensics  

HORNE Cyber's digital forensics experts assist in data recovery and collect digital evidence for criminal and civil court cases.

Incident Response

HORNE Cyber’s team serves as an investigator and advisor to determine the incident impact and the appropriate actions that need to be taken to mitigate loss and recover operations. 

Industry Regulatory Compliance 

HORNE Cyber ensures your IT organization maintains compliance across the range of regulatory-mandated assessments and audits. 

Internal Audit 

HORNE Cyber supports your IT organization with certified experts to conduct required IT audits and assessments. 

Cybersecurity Operations Center 

HORNE Cyber's Cybersecurity Operations Center provides clients with situational awareness of their network environment.

SSAE 16/SOC Reporting

HORNE Cyber works in conjunction with our CPA business group to provide SOC reports for clients in a wide range of industries. 

Strategic IT Advisory 

HORNE Cyber provides strategic IT advisory to help maintain cyber resilience while keeping pace with changing business demands.