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Ann Cleland: Next-Generation Audits - Better, Faster, Cheaper?

ACCOUNTING TODAY: Our profession is understandably shaken by the impact of automation on our audit services. A substantial portion of what we do now as auditors can and will be accomplished by machines in the not-too-distant future. Read More.

Brad Pierce: Why an engaged C-Suite matters in improving cyber security

Part of an organizations IT leadership and consultant’s responsibility is to provide logical explanations of the threats and vulnerabilities that exist and how they can impact confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization’s operations, and the C-Suite should want to hear about it. Read More.

Wesley McGrew: Cybersecurity for the Road Warrior

Open wireless network connections can be intercepted and manipulated, and physical access to computers and phones can be used to install malicious software that allows for remote control and theft of data.  Read More.

Brad Fuller: How Much Should You be Spending on Cybersecurity?

The key is in spending for what is right for your organization, not simply deciding that a set percentage should be spent on these solutions. Read More.